Mother and Child in Leaf

16 Mar

Yesterday I posted a picture of “Nymph” and mentioned she was atypical in that she had hands. I began to think about my “one of a kind” art dolls and will post a few pictures of them this week.
Below is an image of  “Mother and Child in Leaf”. What is unique about her is that there are two dolls together. At first my intent was to create a piece in recognition of a Paleolithic art work called the “Venus of Willendorf”. The original statuette is only 4.5 inches tall. I had in mind to create a series of small, fits in the hand, pieces as a way to better understand the early work I was reading about. After I made her I found she needed to be carrying something. My first intention was to make a jar. I was surprised when the work transformed into a Madonna and child. The leaf is a casting that was perfect to tuck her and child into for safe keeping.

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Posted by on March 16, 2010 in art dolls, mixed media


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