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Winter Olympics Vancouver 2010

Having the great joy of being in Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics I wanted to share this photo I took outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery on February 25.

I especially like the juxtaposition of the floral motif on the building with the budding trees in front. A special thanks to Carol from Calgary for the suggestion of the photo opportunity.

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Autumn Dance

My exhibition of acrylic paintings at the Port Moody library has come to a close. Having defined my self as a mixed media sculptor for many years now I rarely exhibit my paintings. I found the venue to be a good first step to sharing my work with others. The cool, earthy colours of my images from nature stood out well against the warm red brick of the walls in a very homelike setting which included a reading nook and fireplace.
Below is one of the paintings from the exhibit, “Autumn Dance” (16” X 18”). This piece was created from photos I took of a tree on a school ground in Calgary and memories of a class of very enthusiastic kids at an outdoor drawing session. I remember particularly 3 young boys who when finished with their sketches went to the other side of the hill to roll down into the piles of leaves that had collected there. Their joy and exuberance in the warmth and beauty of the day was the primary mood I wanted to capture for the painting.

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