11 Feb

 On March 13, 2010 I’ll be teaching my “Personal Journey Doll Workshop” at Coast Collective on Vancouver Island outside of Victoria. I’m looking forward to teaching the workshop again and to see what wonderful people will be there. The one thing about my intuitive doll making workshops that I have been teaching for many years is the incredible people that attend. The figures created never cease to surprise and delight.
Here is a description of the Personal Journey Doll Workshop:
“The workshop is a wonderful way to free up creativity and bring play and delight back into the creative process. What shape is joy, what colour is fragility? The focus will be on creating expressive forms that evolve from a feeling, story or encounter with nature. Techniques used include wrapping, gluing, and/or sewing the dolls together. All materials are supplied though participants are encouraged to bring a few treasures of their own (fabric, stone, wood, found object). No artistic experience required, only a beginners’ mind.”
For more information check out the Coast Collective website at:

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