Recently I demonstrated my watercolour techniques at Opus in Coquitlam and had hoped to share the completed piece on my blog with those from the workshop. But things have changed rapidly in the last week or so. I am entering into a very busy, challenging time ahead. Selling, moving to a new home asap is the smallest part of the daunting journey ahead. When I come out the other-side I will be back on the blog (early 2018 hopefully) . Meanwhile here is an ink and watercolour pencil crayon of irises from my yard. All for now, more in 2018. Joy

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WATERCOLOUR Demo “Paint and Print Techniques”

Joy A. Kirkwood

Upcoming Demo @ OPUS Coquitlam

Where: 953 Brunette Avenue

Coquitlam, BC, V3K 1E1

Phone: 604-545-0410

When: Tue, June 6, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM or Tue, June 6, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Note* Space is limited and registration is required for all demos, workshops, and classes. Please register in advance by contacting the host store directly.


Workshop Description:

“Paint nature with nature!

Joy will be demonstrating a watercolour painting style that is playfully abstract, light, and airy to match the subject matter. Inspiration for the painting will be brightly coloured flowers in a garden.

Printmaking and drawing techniques using natural objects from the garden such as flowers, grass, and stems will also be incorporated into the composition.

Space is limited and registration is required.”

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Tree Study

ink-and-stick-treePreparing to teach next week means looking through my images and choosing which ones to share with students. First class is on ‘mark making’. This tree, drawn with ink and a stick, is an example of the organic and raw quality that drawing with a sharpened stick can bring to an image.

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Drawing Birds

great-horned-owl-drawingbird-drawing-annas-hummingbirdbird-drawing-house-finchIn a month I’ll be teaching a week of paper mask making to students. The theme is birds of BC. To get ready I’ve been drawing the heads of the various birds to help get acquainted with them and to have my own work to share with the students. Ink pen with watercolour pencil crayons is giving me the look I wanted. It’s very relaxing!

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Seahorse Sketches 2016

2-seahorse-drawing-21-seahorse-drawing-2Lots of rain where I live right now, and finally a bit of free time again; to draw a bit. Watching videos of seahorses and sketching them was a nice way to spend an hour last night. Here are two of my pencil crayon drawings with aquarelle pencil crayons added for colour.

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To be a Tree

Tree info 1????????????????????????????

Two of my ‘how to draw a tree’ handouts that I give to my students. And an unfinished painting of a tree in blue. I never tire of drawing trees!

4-Kirkwood-Gnarled Blue Tree

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Love for Another

Love for Another

Love for Another

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