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Colour Wheel Snowflake

Colour wheel as a Snowflake My acrylic class for adults at Place des Arts in Coquitlam is fast approaching. In preparation I am gathering together the materials and one of them is a colour wheel using the paints they will be working with.

This unusual use of a snowflake came about after Christmas last year. As I walked by the snowflakes on sale, I had a eureka moment when I realized they were perfect for teaching colour theory on. I took a few home and primed them white with gesso and then added colour.

I like how primary, secondary, and tertiary are present in this formation. Trust an artist to see a snowflake in multi-colour!

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Advent Calendar

Advent Gift CalendarI was looking for an advent calendar to send to my son who is in university and could use a care package from home this time of year. This way I could stretch the care package out over the month. Couldn’t find a sewn one that had pockets and I could fill with goodies so with a little help from perusing a few DIY sites I came up with this calendar. The colour in the photo is uncorrectable and should be a soft green colour; rather like the wall behind it. What I did was take a long table runner and make folds in it and sew them in until I had 24 pockets. Put a dowel through it, added a fancy shoelace at the top, and a few bells and voilà! I had created the right kind of “care package advent calendar” suitable for a young man in university. I made a sturdy, all season model and suggested he might want to keep it on his wall afterwards to hold odds and ends in his room: paper clips, nail clippers, floss, etc.

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Christmas Cactus

christmas cactusArtsy Christmas Cactus Christmas Cactus in the art roomIt’s almost winter and for once my Christmas cactus is blooming like never before! There’s a back story to my flourishing plant: In late spring, after five years of next to no flowers (once in awhile a few in July) and getting spindlier and sadder, I finally gave up on it. I put it outside in the garden, in its pot, to fend for itself. But without me really noticing it began to come back and by early November it was full of buds so I brought it back inside. Though, afraid to give it too much attention, I put it in the art room in the basement where it’s cooler and with a big window. It loves it there and is full of life and blossoms! Also does my heart good every time I see it when I go down to the studio to create.

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January 7, 2015

Art for lunch take 52 ac new words 2I’m the guest speaker at Place des Arts (Coquitlam, BC) in January!

Excited, nervous… and looking forward to it.

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Butterfly Painting

butterfly paint brushButterfly 2 at Painted church Spent a few hours on Saturday creating a small acrylic butterfly painting for a young couple and their first child, a girl. Here’s an image of the painting and the reference photograph that I took when on a visit to Hawaii a few years back.

Much of it involved glazing techniques which created a luminosity that I was hoping for. For example; for the green I started with a bright turquoise background and then painted yellow on top. Same with butterfly: red and pink with yellow layers on top to create orange.

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Pincushions Extraordinaire

Pinchushion ladiesHere are the rest of the pin cushion ladies from the Positively Petite show. Each has their own personality; one is about gardening, another an artist, and yet another Mother Christmas. Their personalities emerged from the designs and colours of the materials I was using.

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Positively Petite

Pincushion Person PP2 Place des Arts has their annual Christmas art show up and this year I created my wee doll figures to double as small pin cushions. They stand about 5″ high. This little one is one of six; all very different. I rather like how they turned out and am finding they make for a nice little companion when sewing. The art show is up at Place des Arts in Coquitlam until December 20, 2014.

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