Tag, You’re It!

Tag banner one aTag banner preschool close up signedBanners are filling up at Place des Arts! Each person creates their own tag (ink and stick, print, or collage) and then they are added to the community banners. It’s a way to put into visual form Place des Art’s belief that we inspire the artist in everyone! The closeup is a work of art by a preschool student. the artworks created by the youngest students are so full of energy and vitality.

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Starfish Studies in Ink

Starfish ink and stickBack to drawing with ink and stick. Have been teaching this technique to my students lately and it’s always freeing and intriguing. So simple but unpredictable. Have to always remember that picking up more ink means that the next mark you make will be darker than those to follow. Instead of drawing the shape in a linear fashion you need to jump from area to area, working from the dark to the light. Colour is put on lightly with chalk pastel. The contrast between the ink and the chalk enhances the image.

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Tag, You’re It!

Tag Info for GSLOnly a few weeks to finish preparations for an upcoming community Art Show, Tag – You’re It! at Place des Arts. There will be empty banners that will fill up with individually designed Tags (drawing, printing, and/or collage). Will also be working with schools, preschool, and teens to fill up the banners. One of them will become a permanent display in the atrium at Place des Arts.

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Moss Green Dragonfly

raw sienna and mossy green dragonflyMy latest dragonfly!

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Colourful Dragonfly

Dragonfly watercolourHave dragonflies on my mind this week. While I finish up my latest fibre art dragonfly (will post when completed) thought I’d post a photo of a drawing/watercolour from two years ago that I had in my art journal.

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Misty Green

2 Beaded Dragonfly 42My latest dragonfly creation is finished! 8″ wing span on a 6″ body. ‘Misty Green’ because of the colours of the wing. Wire and wrap techniques using ribbon fabrics. Beads on body for embellishment. Copper legs are new. I like the effect. In nature a dragonfly is a first class predator and has a 95% success rate when hunting. They know what they are after and how to get it. Their strength and longevity (been on the earth a long time) fascinates me.

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Heart Flower

2 valentine flower3 valentine flower4 valentine flower

1 valentine flowerArt with the 5-7 year olds today was all about making a heart flower as a gift for Valentines Day. A design I came up with. Really happy with how it turned out. Kids loved it! Afterwards we wrapped them in tissue paper and secured it with a sticker just like at a real flower shop. Hope I always keep young at heART.

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