Visual Storytelling for Seniors: Art Class

Triptych collage by Joy K.- closedTriptych Collage by Joy K.- openTriptych back view acA brand new class that I’ll be teaching this fall for those 50+ is ‘Stories to Tell: Visual Storytelling for Seniors’ @ Port Moody Arts Centre, Port Moody BC. It will be held on Tuesdays, September 30th to November 4th from 10 AM to 12 PM and then again on Saturdays, November 8th to December 13th from 10 AM to 12 PM. The idea is to bring bring a treasured object to the class (photo, letter, trinket) and then bring out the story behind the object through an art technique (drawing, watercolour, assemblage, collage …) The participants and their treasures will determine which techniques we will cover in the class. My example shown here is a triptych collage that opens up and also has pictures on the back as well. To register contact or 604.931.2008.

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Summer Fun!

Summer Fun CartoonThis year I taught Summer Fun for 6 weeks at Place des Arts in Coquitlam BC, and a highlight was this very engaging cartoon one of my student volunteers, Lily, drew on the white board. It shows me teaching art with a wee student and the hapless volunteer in the middle of all the creative chaos. Pretty well sums up my summer!
In September I’ll be back at PdA to teach fall classes (children and adults)

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Seahorse Box

yellow seahorse box, 1 front viewyellow seahorse box, 2 - 3 sided viewyellow seahorse box 7Been updating one of my wee seahorse boxes today. Front, top, and sides are painted and the back is a sculptural seahorse across the open box which has a starfish charm and the drawing of a seahorse inside. 4″ X 3″ X 1.5″.

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Cat with a Grin

Joy Kirkwood's Cat with a Grin in treeIt’s been such a busy summer! Two weddings and then 6 weeks of teaching Summer Art classes. No time to blog until now. One of the classes focused on papier mâché animals (ages 8-12) and as a demo I began, and finished, ‘Cat with a Grin’. He is the first in a series of papier mâché works that I’m creating based on colourful drawings of imaginary creatures drawn by my oldest son when he was 8. This picture was one of many taken of him in a tree. The garnet and gold colours he wears are Mount A colours, the university in NB where I graduated from.

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Past meets Present

MET KandinskyEver since I was a university student the idea of going to New York and seeing the galleries there seemed like an impossible dream. Finally went in June of this year and saw incredible work. Life changing. Me as a student at Mount A is juxtaposed with a painting by Kandinsky that I was particularity fond of and that I saw at the MET Art gallery. Joy Fine Arts Bldg 1976

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Prism Light

prism light closerainbow flamerainbow on wallWhen I was 12, I read Pollyanna and after that all I wanted for Christmas was prisms to hang in the window to make rainbows in my room. Mom tried to find them but no luck back then. Almost 20 years later, for my birthday, when I was grown and had children of my own, came this prism into my life, found by Mom. She never forgot, or never stopped looking. That’s the kind of Mom I have! Was thinking of this early yesterday when my kitchen was bathed in little rainbows early in the morning, all in thanks to a Mom’s love that never stops giving. Love my Mom!

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Back to Watercolours

watercolour study at Sorrento Centre beach, BCWas away for the weekend (Sorrento, BC) and took time to visit the beach and to paint. Summer is a great time to get back into working in watercolours. It’s easy to carry around and pulls you outside to work. Light is so necessary for this medium and there’s lots of that in the summer! Feeling rusty (it’s been awhile) but that’s another thing I like about watercolours, it teaches you to simplify and clarify and I look forward to seeing how my work changes the more time I spend with the medium.

Background: As a student at Mount Allison University I was taught watercolour/drawing by Ted Pulford. Looking at his work online brings back memories of a lot of field trips we did in pursuit of good places to paint. (

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